You've stumbled into the woods. Welcome to my home. Imagination is what keeps me alive.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Don't judge too fast. I just figured out how to merge two photos in im attempting photo manipulation/effects.  We'll see if i can eventually make a lion and a lamb collide...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Trees

its winter. So the trees are bare. They are naked from there green clothes. (i love this time of year)

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Hearts

I just love hearts. Their shape alone makes me happy :D


I went on a walk and i found this trail that reminded me of alice and wonderland....


Fluffy things that hang in the sky. Who doesn't love em? They block the sun and sometimes spill water! Here are some photos of those clouds.



Polaroid Blues

We all miss someone...whether its a friend from a different state...or your neighbor.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Love: an intense feeling of deep affection
Yet people throw it around like A used dish rag. Hate is a strong word. But so is love.



Sketched Tree

So here is my attempt to draw a tree. I dont know what kind of tree it is exactly...but i like how it has no leaves ;)  Winter trees are the best! What do ya think?

Get Ready for Heart Day

Valentines day is the next holiday ( besides groundhog day..but we don't go around giving ground hogs to each other..) So... for this next holiday. I've prepared a look for your valentine's date. ;)

A sweetheart dress
funky heart glasses
black flats (showing off those amazing heels)
yummy cake chap stick (it really takes like cake!)

and who could forget, for the movies.... 3d glasses socks.

if your interested in any of them. the links are provided below

Sweetheart Sunnies 
Birthday Cake Lip Balm
3D socks
I Heart You Dress


I've had this obsession with scrabble...I can barely spell four letter words, but i still love piecing letters together. Its like a puzzle.

My dream : to spell "scrabble" in a scrabble game...

Summer Feeling

Its been pouring down rain lately. Which i actually love! But enough is enough. so i pulled these shoes out of my closet. I felt a surge of summer.  Hot days. Melting lollipops. Umbrellas (for the sun) and WATERMELON! Amazing what shoes can do ;)

Lost in the woods?

Lost in the woods. what a random thing to say. Well not for me! Im always out in the trees...getting lost. taking my camera everywhere I go. Ill be posting my latest photographs. Stay tuned.

For now. This is my blog emblem. Soon I'll see iton your bumper. 

First Things First

Here i am. Here you are. At my first blog post.
How does it feel? 
Well i feel pretty happy.
 I've seen so many amazing blogs, and so i decided to 
venture to the blogging business. Not much of a business,
 more of a hobby. But it sure takes time and dedication.
 Some of these blogs have 24 posts a day!
 Thats a post an hour!
I will most likely never reach that standard. 
I'll cross my fingers and try my best. 
Another thing i noticed, is people have
 200 comments on one post! That person must be 
bored to death with replies. My goal is get 100 
comments on one post. I know that sounds far fetched. 
But anything is possible....right?